Follow here the highlights about Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND) project and others news related with high-energy neutrino physics.

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Our current focus is on the GRANDProto300 Phase. GRANDProto300 is a step towards the completion of GRAND. Already at this stage it will enable cosmic-ray studies at the "transition region", between 1016-18.5 eV. Click here to learn more about this standalone pathfinder!

GRAND white paper on arXiv

The GRAND white paper is now on arXiv. It describes GRAND's science goals, design, and construction plans, which are already ongoing.

Anne Zilles wins Best Poster Award for GRAND

Anne Zilles (IAP), one of the pillars of the GRAND End-to-End simulation pipeline, presented a poster for GRAND at the Astroparticle Physics in Germany meeting, in Mainz, Germany.

PeV neutrino astronomy begins

The coincident detection of the high-energy event (IC-170922A) on September 22, 2017 opens a new era of multi-messenger astronomy that include extremely high-energy neutrinos.