GRAND is gaining momentum post-pandemic with the deployment of various prototypes in several countries. An international agreement has recently been reached to deploy 10 GRAND detection units at the Pierre Auger Observatory site in Malargüe, Argentina. This collaborative effort has been initialized by five institutes in Argentina (Ahuekna), France (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris), Germany (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), China (National Astronomical Observatory China), and the Netherlands (Radboud University). The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro will also be actively involved in the project.

The deployment of the 10 GRAND@Auger detection units is planned for Spring 2023, and it will greatly benefit from existing infrastructures of the AERA project. The setup will serve as a test bench for hardware testing and calibration. GRAND@Auger will therefore be an excellent complement to GRANDProto13, the 13-antenna precursor of GRANDProto300, which will be deployed in February 2023 in Xiao Dushan, Dunhuang, China.

A GRAND detection unit in the Argentinian pampa
Matías taking data during the Auger site survey campaign, to determine the best site for GRAND@Auger
Matías making a new friend
Matías falling in love



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