No better way to start a productive new year than to attend the GRAND collaboration meeting, hosted in 2023 by Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. More than 60 GRAND collaborators participated in this fruitful hybrid meeting, with about half attending online. The ongoing efforts within the GRAND collaboration were presented in over 40 contributions on a variety of topics, ranging from analysis methods to software and hardware development. In particular, concrete plans were made for the deployment of GRAND prototypes in 2023, such as the onset of GRANDProto300 in China, GRAND@Auger in Argentina, and GRAND@Nançay in France. The future is indeed starting to look GRAND!

A happy GRAND collaboration during a fruitful hybrid meeting
A trip to the roof where GRAND collaborators get excited to see a prototype detection unit
A serious discussion about different types of showers between Olivier and Chao
Olivier (still) trying to improve his selfie skills during the data challenge workshop
Happy faces at the bar – a typical sight after a hard day of work during the meeting



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