GRAND lights
Jean Mouette, Science communication director IAP, joined a field trip in the desert in the Gansu and Qinhai Provinces. With his camera and microphone, he managed to catch the beautiful landscape and sounds of this part of the world, and document the radio background measurement campaign […]
The program of the GRAND Collaboration Meeting included a visit to the prospective GRANDProto300 site, next to Lenghu, in the Qinhai Province. We were welcomed by the officials from the Qinhai Province and the Lenghu County, who were also present at the inauguration of the meeting, […]
Our current focus is on the GRANDProto300 Phase. GRANDProto300 is a step towards the completion  of GRAND. Already at this stage it will enable cosmic-ray studies at the “transition region”, between 1016-18.5 eV. Click here to learn more about this standalone pathfinder!  
The GRAND white paper is now on arXiv. It describes GRAND’s science goals, design, and construction plans, which are already ongoing. Check it out!  
The Astroparticle Physics in Germany meeting gathers the key experimentalists and theorists working in the astroparticle physics field in Germany, in order to discuss its status and its perspectives. Anne’s clear and thoughtful presentation of the experiment and her beautiful design made her win the Best […]
The event was first observed by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and then shared with nearly two dozen observatories around the world, such as the Fermi Space Telescope (NASA) and the MAGIC telescope. This network between multiple instruments is shedding light on the unsolved origin of high-energy […]