It’s finally official: GRANDProto300 has been approved by local authorities to be deployed in the Gobi desert! This array will serve as the main pathfinder for the GRAND project and GRAND10k arrays in particular. Located near Dunhuang, in the Gansu province of China, the approved site […]
GRAND antennas are flourishing in the Argentinian pampa! Over the past weeks, four out of ten GRAND@Auger detection units have been deployed at the AERA site of the Pierre Auger Observatory. The deployment efforts were brilliantly conducted by the GRAND teams of Radboud University and Universidade […]
Exciting times are upon us! The very first of 13 detection units of the GRANDProto13 prototype array has been deployed in the desert of XiaoDushan, Dunhuang, China. Once the remaining detection units are deployed, which will happen over the course of the coming days, we can […]
GRAND is gaining momentum post-pandemic with the deployment of various prototypes in several countries. An international agreement has recently been reached to deploy 10 GRAND detection units at the Pierre Auger Observatory site in Malargüe, Argentina. This collaborative effort has been initialized by five institutes in […]
Antennas are finally growing in the forest at Nançay, 2 hours South of Paris. A set-up of 4 GRANDProto300 units was installed in 2022 at the Nançay Radio Observatory as a test bench for detector and trigger optimization. The antennas were shipped from their production site […]
Our current focus is on the GRANDProto300 Phase. GRANDProto300 is a step towards the completion  of GRAND. Already at this stage it will enable cosmic-ray studies at the “transition region”, between 1016-18.5 eV. Click here to learn more about this standalone pathfinder!