The annual GRAND Collaboration Meeting took place in Paris at LPNHE from December 15 to 17, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the format was hybrid, with ~20 collaborators from various institutes (KIT, Radboud university, Penn state University…) who joined in person while the other collaborators (~40) attended remotely.

It was a successful meeting that covered a large range of topics (hardware, software, reconstruction methods, GRANDProto300 science case, transient radio astronomy, collaboration structuring). Excellent talks were given to present the impressive progress that has been made on several fronts,  such as the GRANDProto300 site, the antenna layout and hardware, the software development and the GRAND library, on the simulation tools, the reconstruction of air-shower parameters or the development of new promising techniques as machine learning for background rejection and signal identification. A hands on session on coding quality for the GRAND software concluded the meeting.

Fruitful discussions were also held on the organizational aspects of the GRAND Collaboration. In particular, the GRAND membership, authorship and green policies were discussed in length.

Charles and Anne brought us a GRANDProto300 electronics box (the actual box which will be placed at the bottom of the detection units) and we also enjoyed a guided tour of the various components.

Many thanks to Olivier for organizing this meeting, and to LPNHE for the hospitality!



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